VMware VSphere 5.0

VSphere 5.0 is expected to be released in August 2011. Beta release is already available to partners.

Listed below are the new features that will be included in VMware VSphere 5.0

Client Side

  • New Web based Client. No need to install a local client.


Virtual Machine

  • Support for up to 32 vCPU’s per Virtual Machine, previously was 8 vCPU’s.
  • 1 TB RAM per VM, previously was 255GB
  • 64TB Virtual Disk/RDM, previously was 2TB

Cluster Features

  • Storage DRS – Storage Pods
  • Network DRS
  • VASA – Vstorage API Storage Awareness – (monitors IOPS)
  • Application Aware HA (High Availability)

Other Features

  • Host based Replication – SRM 5.0
  • Network I/O Control
  • Storage I/O Control for NFS storage
  • 3D Graphics Support
  • VMFS – READ CACHE ( use RAM as disk)
  • FIPS 140 Compliance


Loads of extra feature enhancement from VSphere 4. Exciting times ahead.

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