vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) licensing information

(VSA) VMware vSphere Storage Appliance provides virtual shared storage volumes without the hardware. vSA runs as a virtual machine on vSphere, in multiple hosts. vSA is only compatible with vSphere 5.

Licensing Details
•vSA is licensed on a per-instance basis. Each vSA instance supports up to 3 node.
•At least two nodes needs to be part of a vSA deploymen.
•vSA is supported by all vSphere 5 edition.
•There are no upgrades in vS.
•vSA can only run with Essentials Plus or any vSphere Edition.
•vSA must be purchased for the vCenter Server edition that it will run on – vCenter Essentials (sold only with Essentials Plus), vCenter Foundation, or vCenter Server.
•If you apply the old vCenter Server license key after installing vSA, the vSA disappear.
•You must reapply the vSA key if you upgrade from vCenter Foundation to vCenter Standard. You have to contact the Licensing Support team to get a new vSA key compatible with the new vCenter Server edition. This exchange is at no charge.
•The vRAM used for vSA factors in to your vRAM entitlement.
•vSA must be deployed on the same vCenter Server.
•The vSA virtual machine counts as a protected virtual machine.

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