New Features of VMware vSphere 5.5

List of new features in VMware vSphere 5.5

• Hot-pluggable SSD PCIe devices

• Support for Reliable Memory Technology

• Enhancements to CPU C-states

• Flash Read Cache (vFRC) or vFLASH – Virtualises server-side flash to provide high performance read cache layer that dramatically lowers application latency.

• vSAN – software based distributed storage solution which is built directly in the hypervisor.

Along with the core vSphere ESXi Hypervisor improvements, vSphere 5.5 provides the following virtual machine–related enhancements:

• Virtual machine compatibility with VMware ESXi 5.5

• Expanded support for hardware-accelerated graphics vendor

• Graphic acceleration support for Linux guest operating systems

In addition, the following vCenter Server enhancements include:

• vCenter Single Sign-On Server security enhancements

• vSphere Web Client platform support and UI improvements

• vCenter Server Appliance configuration maximum increases

• Simplified vSphere App HA application monitoring

• vSphere DRS virtual machine–virtual machine affinity rule enhancements

• vSphere Big Data Extensions, a new feature that deploys and manages Hadoop clusters on vSphere fromwithin vCenter

vSphere 5.5 also includes the following storage-related enhancements:

• Support for 62TB VMDK

• MSCS updates

• vSphere 5.1 enhancements

• 16GB E2E support

• PDL AutoRemove

• vSphere Replication interoperability and multi-point-in-time snapshot retention

vSphere 5.5 also introduces the following networking-related enhancements:

• Improved LACP capabilities

• Traffic filtering

• Quality of Service tagging

• 40 GB nic Support

• Enhanced Host level capture

• SR-IOV – Single Root I/O Virtualisation enhancements.



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