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VMware ESX – EMC Clariion Host Grab utility

With an ESX host connected to a Clariion, there may be a time where you are experiencing connectivity issues.  One of the first things you can do before you contact EMC support is to run the EMC Host Grab utility.

This utility will connect to your ESX host, and also the array. It will gather all the details it will need and will produce a zip file that can be uploaded to EMC Powerlink.

The EMC Primus article is “emc102335”.

Download the host grab utilities from:-

For UNIX hosts such as (AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64)   ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/Unix/

For ESX hosts   ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/ESX/

For ESXi hosts   ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/ESXi/

For Windows hosts   ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/Windows/

For Open VMS hosts  ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/vms/

From the web http://powerlink.emc.com


emcgrab.exe -host <host ip> -user <username> -password <password> -vmsupport –clariionip <sp a ip,sp b ip>

Example: – emcgrab.exe -host -user root -password mypassword -vmsupport -clariionip,

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EMC ISM Certification

After attaining my VMware VCP 4, I was pondering which qualification I should look to attain, and I decided to study the EMC ISM certification.

I have had the privilege of working with enterprise level EMC Storage for over 4 years, including Clariion, Centera, Celerra, Rainfinity, Source One, Data Domain, and Networker.

Having worked with all the EMC technologies, I thought I should attain the qualification, just to make it official

Below are the resources that will be needed to attain the qualification:-

Hands on experience using EMC storage systems

EMC ISM Book https://education.emc.com/ISMbook/default.aspx

Book the exam https://education.emc.com/guest/certification/exams.aspx

Wish me luck, and anyone who has achieved the qualification let me know of your road to success

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