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vSphere Myths

Over my time using VMware vSphere, I have always seen recommendations and best practices from other IT professinals and blogs, and there are a lot of myths hanging around, and the most common myths are:-

1) Defrag your Guest OS disks for best performance

2) E1000 is faster than VMXNET3

3) CBT causes significant overhead on your VMs

4) HA datastore heartbeats prevents host isolation

5) LSI SCSI is always better than Paravirtual SCSI

Eric Sloof (NTPRO.NL) discusses this and busts the myths on the following site  :- http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/uploads/Mythbusters_Dutch_VMUG.pdf

Download the pdf  by clicking this link :- Mythbusters_Dutch_VMUG

The outcome of the myths that were busted was :-

1)  Use disk defragmentation tools with caution

2)  Use VMXNET3 wherever possible

3) CBT has very little overhead

4) HA datastore heartbeats are used as a communication channel after management network outage

5) PVSCSI is equal or faster and requires less resources than LSI SCSI


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